Today Is A Busy Day…

…And thus today’s music  will be presented without my usual disjointed ramblings. Suffice is to say that the new Sulphur Aeon album, Gateway To The Antisphere is a delightfully evil sounding slab of death metal. You can really feel the Lovecraftian inspiration in the thick atmosphere, monolithic riffs and demonic gurgle of the vocalist. Unusually for a record which is death metal through and through, it is best listened to as a whole, feeling like a cohesive journey into the mouth of madness. It reminds me a little of Nile in the way it can be so intense  and simultaneously evocative. Don’t let the fact that I lack the time to do the album justice in words fool you. It’s a strong contender for top ten albums of the year.

Okay, maybe a little disjointed rambling.

Devotion To The Cosmic Chaos is embedded below as a taste of what it is to look insanity in the eyes and blink. For the full experience, you can pick up the album on Sulphur Aeon’s Bandcamp page.


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