Review Integrity Disclaimer

Now, if you’ve spent more than two minutes around the site, you might have noticed that my reviews tend to towards the positive. And as the discerning, intelligent media consumer that you are, this probably makes you suspicious. After all, a good eighty percent of any genre of music lies somewhere between mediocre and dogshit. So you may be pondering why I give out one glowing review after another. You may also be wondering if something other than the quality of the music is behind my the relentless sunniness of my output. And now you’re thinking about elephants.

No? Fuck it, two out of three ain’t bad.

Anyway, there’s an explanation for all this, and it’s  a matter of quantity. I listen to a lot of music. Much of it  is a combination of boredom and suffering. But that other twenty percent: the fun, engaging music, makes it more than worth it. And given that I prefer to share  the music that makes me excited about what I do here rather than the music that makes me want to stick corkscrews in both my ears (Yes, two corkscrews. If I only used one I might pass out before I got to do the other ear.) you only hear about the good stuff. The music that makes me want to rain hyperbole and verbal rainbows on the band. So you don’t need to worry about reviews from that angle.

And as long as I get to keep sharing this music with you, I promise not to abuse your trust. Advertising and affiliate links may keep the site ticking over, but I will never praise a band that don’t, in my eyes, deserve that praise, regardless of how much money, swag or nuclear launch codes I’m offered (Bill Clinton really wants his jazz  band to take off). They can offer to say nice things about me to Emily Beth Rickards and arrange for a casual introduction, and I’ll turn them down flat. That is how much I care about  this. So you can trust that even if someday I’m calling the new Justin Bieber (easy target, I know) album the greatest metal record ever composed, I mean that. I may have gone completely insane, but in my delusional little world that will be the truth. My taste may be compromised, my integrity will never be.


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