Come Drift With Me And E.


It’s Sunday. Chill out time. Justify it however you want. I’m using my busy week of house-hunting and car-shopping as an excuse. Christians out there can use the Sabbath. You know how the commandment goes. “Remember the Sabbath, because you’ll never be able to remember the night before.” My knowledge of other religions is a bit more sparse, but I’m sure  there’s some justification you can use. You’re taking a day of meditation. The universe is a gaping existential void and thus there’s no point in doing anything on Sunday anyway. It’s your karma. Satan says so (You can use  this  one to justify practically anything to yourself, it’s always fun noticing how  the coldest countries have the most church burnings). Regardless, grab yourself some E. and gather round for some nice relaxing introspection. No, not that type of E. I meant the mysterious post-rock band whose new EP Tides Of Novae forms a perfect wash of fuzzy warmth to carry you through a dozy Sunday evening. Or half an hour of it at  least.

Carrying the same wall of noise approach favored by bands like Cult Of Luna, the songs on Tides Of Novae progress at  the speed of continental drift or anything Steve Reich writes. The riffs themselves are glacial, but detailed, and while they may take a  while to get where they’re going, the journey is worth it. The production is filled with little electronic oddities to spice things up, background blips and beeps giving the music a sense of density and otherworldliness. This mood amplifies  the music’s hypnotic quality, by which I mean it’s absolutely perfect music to zone out to. The combination of  the drone and slowly evolving music makes it one of those albums that leave you with the feeling that time has barely passed. It’s suited to both close listening and unintrusive background music, a very cool place for an album to sit.

I could  drone on, but in this case the music is rather self-explanatory. E. have written a hypnotic EP that’s ideal for listening to when you need some quiet time, and I highly recommend the  experience.  Hand Of Mercury is embedded below and you  can find  the full album on E’s Bandcamp.

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