Don’t Mess With Southern Front

Honestly, who really takes tourism slogans seriously? City of lights? I’ve got lights at home, and they come with a switch for when I need to get some shut-eye. The Emerald Isle? Maybe if we could roll back a  hundred years of urban expansion. Sin city? Okay, that one makes sense as long as you can afford it. These slogans are often relics of  the past, echoes of some long forgotten advertising campaign, like the radiowaves carrying  an old Coke ad past a distant star. It seems like only one slogan has survived unscathed, still intoned with pride by locals. Everything’s bigger in Texas. Steaks. Beers. Hats. And now metal. Southern Front have burst forth from the Texan metal scene with a saddlebag full of outsized riffs, and on latest LP Death Throes, they prove that they’re definitely not afraid to use them.

Southern Front’s sound comes closest to the quintessential New Wave of American Heavy Metal. A combination of thrash metal bite and groove metal punch, it’s perfectly suited to delivering knockout metal hits. The interplay between the two styles really helps the flow of the music. Thrashier riffs provide a little more fire and fury for faster sections, and the groovier riffs are all about the slower, bop your head rhythms. Then there are riffs at all points on the continuum in between as well, making the fusion of the two genres feel seamless and natural. The band  are well-versed in making both styles original, catchy and impactful, with an armory of guitar parts that hit like a sledgehammer, slamming drums and powerful, gut-churning vocals ensuring that each musical idea is expressed with the right tools. They also aren’t afraid of guitar solos, providing horns in the air guitar hero moments on songs like Burned Awake. In combination with tight songwriting skills, the overall package is an immediate, giant metal sound that maintains its quality through the whole album

Southern Front’s new album might not be subtle, but they have produced a work full of huge, fun, wall-of-death metal that will keep your neck muscles strong and give your neighbors headaches. Burned Awake is embedded below and you can listen to the full album on Southern Front’s Bandcamp.

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