Devouring Star: A Brief Moment Of Nostalgia

Okay, so yesterday’s short article…didn’t turn out so short. To give myself  a little help, today I’m going to be writing a short article on a short album: this week’s reissue of Devouring Star’s 2013 Demo. Yeah, that’ll fix it.

So  how exactly do I go about describing the experience of listening to Devouring Star? Well, it’s a lot like a rollercoaster. You know it’s going to make you feel dizzy, shaken, and perhaps a  little ill, but there’s that little part inside some  people that enjoys that sensation of being flipped upside down and spun around. And that’s Devouring Star’s audience. There  might be those who listen to the discordant hostile noise and think “why would you subject  yourself to that?” I can’t explain it. If you can’t relate  to  the rollercoaster metaphor, you might get the giddy thrill of watching a horror film. Of course, there’s nothing worse than bad horror, and similarly dissonant music without reason or craft may as well be noise. But Devouring Star come closer  to the  Kubrickian highs of the Shining than the impotent lows of  that goddamn remake of When A Stranger Calls. Within the clashing alien strangeness of the notes there is some mad reasoning to be found, a  fragile  thread that connects the clashing musical ideas that  makes them not just listenable, but even fun. It’s black metal that breaks away from the formula  and forges a path into even more  disturbing territory. I highly recommend taking the ten minutes to listen to the album in full. The first of the EP’s two tracks, Chaos Omega, is embedded below and you can listen to the full reissue on Devouring Star’s Bandcamp page.

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