No Comment: Biotoxic Warfare

Okay, I lied about the no comment thing. I think I’ve made it pretty clear at  this point that I enjoy nothing more than the sound of my own keystrokes, and prattling on about metal like it’s my job (though if it was my job, that would be awesome). That said, today’s, tomorrow’s and possibly Friday’s posts will be quite brief because I’ll be away for the next couple of days. But  the music’s still good, I promise.

Today’s band is Biotoxic Warfare, a thrash metal band from Crete. Their  latest release, Lobotomized, is pure thrash, with clever little touches to break up the flow and give some dynamic play. I’m always nervous writing about thrash metal because I know one day some braindead jerk is going to make a trash metal joke in the comments and there’s a good chance that jerk will be me. Fortunately, Biotoxic Warfare manage to ward off the temptation by delivering a polished professional thrash experience. Chugging on E-strings is their business. And Business Is Good. And as that reference might tell you, this is a real nineteen-eighties thrash sound. The biggest parallel is Slayer. The band spends a great deal of effort on atmospherics to give that sinister vibe, with sound-samples, creepy chord choices on the chorus and a lead singer who’s well-versed in switching his stern bark to an agonized howl to emphasize the horror of these sections. One problem I have with the production here is that it compromises the atmosphere a little. I feel like metal that sounds a little dirtier delivers that ominous, chill down the spine factor a little more effectively. It’s one of the few benefits of sounding like you recorded in Ed Gein’s basement. That being said, apart from my own personal preferences, I can’t fault the production on the album, and the trade-off is that the chugging, thrashy riffs come through nicely, with all the nuances and exciting musical touches Biotoxic Warfare use in their sound clear and present. It’s music I’d love to hear live, full of energy and attitude, and a damn fine thrash album overall.

Lobotomized is a more than worthy addition to the pantheon of thrash, a high quality album for the sort of machine gun riffs and horror film dramatics we don’t get  to hear as often anymore. The video for Proclaim The Gospel Of Lies is embedded below, and you can take a  trip through the ghost-house that is  the full album on Biotoxic Warfare’s Bandcamp.

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