Cattle Decapitation’s New Songs Will Crush You (And Eat You)

Vegetarian death metal (or deathgrind if you want to be posh) band Cattle Decapitation  have been teasing us with increasingly tasty morsels of information from their upcoming album The Anthropocene Extinction. In May we were given the album title and a stream of album opener Manufactured Extinction, which confirmed that  the fury of the cow is still very much a force to be reckoned with. A stampeding buffalo of a track, it showed the band were still fully capable of skewering both the bodies and minds of death metal fans with the twin horns of savage riffs and huge choruses, the sound crystal clear and carrying the violent impact of a speeding hearse. If you missed out on it, here’s the video.

Even more impressive than what’s going to  be on the album is what has been left of it, unless you course you’re splashing out for  the bonus-track edition (and after hearing this, you might just want to). Manufactured Extinction is an album opener. It establishes a mood and tone of impending doom, necessitating a certain amount of restraint and sobriety in its approach even as it pummels you. In contrast, non-album track Cannibalistic Invasivorism, kicked from the record for not fitting into the flow according to the  band, kowtows to nobody and nothing. Some  tracks are excised from albums for not being good enough. Cannibalistic Invasivorism is more like a guy who’s taken out of general population in prison for  being too violent. You know how hard a song has to hit to be kicked off a Cattle Decapitation album? This is the Charles Bronson of non-album tracks. It doesn’t need to shank you. It will beat you until you can feel the broken bones grinding against each other  under your skin and it will use its bare hands to do it. It’s going to rip…oops, sorry. The heaviness of the new track may have  pushed me just a tiny bit over the edge. This is  the  music you listen to before you win fight club, and definitely the coolest thing I’ve heard this week. Any band that can discard a song like this is onto some seriously next-level shit and my hopes are  through the roof for  the  new album. If you can’t wait for The Anthropocene Extinction you can get a  copy of the new song with Decibel magazine. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until August 7th with the rest of us simian savages, perhaps filling the time with Cattle Decapitation’s previous album on iTunes.

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