New Rolo Tomassi Album! (Excited Squeal)

Grandeur, thy name is Rolo Tomassi. Well, I guess it’s actually grandeur. But right now, listening to their new album, it feels like Rolo Tomassi is a damn good substitute. With most bands, when they give you more of the same, it’s a recipe for boredom and stagnation. But considering the unique mix of disparate elements Rolo Tomassi bring to their mathcore, more of the same means something different. Frankly something different to their usual blend of tornado wildness and hypnotic stillness would most likely be a downgrade. So, if you can’t tell by all that preamble, Rolo Tomassi have a new album called Grievances and I like it. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Like Felicity loves Oliver a lot. And they’re streaming it right now so you have the opportunity to listen for free, and even pre-order the album before its June 1st release. Unless of course you’re reading this after that in which case you can just buy the album. Or you’re reading this twenty years  in the past, in which case you can wait for iTunes to be invented and then pre-order the album. But we did it Marty! We finally did it! We killed Sarah Connor! Oops, sorry. All the time-travel involved in blogging can leave me a bit confused.


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