Amputory: New Old School

A lot of heavy music comes out every week. And I try to listen to it all. Really. I know this blog might seem like a relentless cascade of praise, but I have to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince. Well, princes. Or princesses. Look, you know what I mean. The point is that even though I do try to listen to everything I can get my hands on, I only have the time for so much. And so Amputory might have given themselves a little bit of an advantage by ensuring their band name comes near the beginning of the alphabet. And by kicking a lot of musical ass on debut album “Ode To Gore”. That helps too.

From their low-tuned riffs to the almost detuned growls of their vocalist, Amputory seem to have looked at death metal’s core elements and noted that it ain’t broke, so there’s nothing to fix. Eschewing the progressive elements and genre exploration many death metallers resort  to in an effort to keep the listener engaged, they have built an album from simple death-metal building blocks. A lot of the riffs feel like something you could play to performance standard yourself with five minutes of practice and there’s nothing mind-bending going on in terms of song structure. But for all this, it still works. Amputory seem to have a grasp of songwriting within that traditional sweet-spot, the groove of slower riffs playing off against the fury of the quicker in the right balance, variations and new riffs showing up at just the right time. Unlike music that seeks to overburden the listener and force them to think their way out of a musical labyrinth, this is well-executed traditional death metal that will still make perfect sense after a few beers. If I didn’t spend so much time listening to crap I might not be able to see it, but to be able to write this kind of metal well is a gift and I look forward to whenever Amputory choose to share it with us again. Album opener “Enslaved In The Basement” is embedded below as a taster of the party death righteousness and you  can find the rest of the album on the album’s Bandcamp page.


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