Christgrinder Is My New Stripper Name

You owe this post to slug worship. Slugdge, everyone’s favorite Mollusca worshiping blackened death band, left Christgrinder borrow their vocalist for a track on their new album, Whence Cometh Evil (the sequel to debut album Smoke Crack, Worship Satan). And then, as the seventh snail commandment decrees, they promoted the album on Facebook. Where I came across it. Mollusca be praised!

Just like Smoke Crack, Worship Satan, this is a deliciously carefree ode to deviance, taking a scattergun approach to lyrical  themes, with Christopher Hitchens inspired explorations of the dangers of organized faith flowing into Cannibal Corpse gore and black metal Satan worship. There’s a little something to offend everyone, and it ultimately feels a little like a performance art piece: the Satanic lyrics acting as a sort of parody to pronounce the overall theme of the folly of adherence to dogma. In a stroke of good fortune, the band are also competent musically and those who just want  to get their riff on will find plenty to enjoy here. The production’s tight and the band takes the listeners through a variety of tempos and tones, skull-crushing riffs and icy atmospherics both benefiting by musical contrast to each other. It’s a little patchy overall,, and more of a strong album than an instant classic, but when everything comes together Christgrinder are a fantastic showcase of what blackened death bands can do. Slamming riff-fest All Is Dust is posted below for your perusal and enjoyment. If you enjoy it, there’s plenty more where that came from on Christgrinder’s Itunes.


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