Gone Fishin’ (I Wish)

Heads up to anyone who’s wondering why the posting frequency is down for the next month. I am not being lazy, or dead. It’s the time of  the  year when young actuaries  get  to do battle with CT exams, so the vast majority of the next month will be spent with my nose buried in financial equations (Y’know, keeping it super metal). If you feel the need for a  hit of new metal Foundations Of Burden and  Wonderbox Metal are both blogs with excellent taste who know what  they’re talking about  and tend to keep the underground hits flowing. Now it’s back to Indifference Equations for me. Indifference equations is their actual name, I’m not expressing my own attitude to them. While I do that, you can enjoy the (terrific) opening song of  the (equally terrific) new album, The Malkuth Grimoire, by progressive death metal band Alkaloid (iTunes here). You lucky thing you.


One thought on “Gone Fishin’ (I Wish)

  1. Thank you very much for the shout-out, I greatly appreciate it! I’ve just followed Wonderbox Metal as well, great recommendation. Hopefully the next month isn’t a total write-off for your blog; I’ll be looking forward to the next post. Nonetheless, good luck with those financial equations…!

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