Ain’t No Party Like A Party Punk Party

It’s debatable whether speed-punksters Strung Out are truly punk. After all, despite the necessary attitude and meaty guitar tone, they lack a little something: their riffs are surprisingly intricate, and they almost have too firm of a grip on how to play their instruments to believe they come from the same aural bloodline as the Sex Pistols and ilk. It’s a lot trickier to argue that their new album Transmission.Alpha.Delta is anything other than insanely fun. While they stray too close to poppy Offspring territory at times for my tastes, such as on track “Modern Drugs”, the combination of metallic riffage with punk rock sensibilities is for the most part well-executed: continuously frenetic guitar work, the choruses full of fist in the air good-time moments, moving from one section to the next before you have time to get bored. There’s nothing especially fresh or innovative here, but it feels like Friday music. Think of the sort of band that would open up for Halestorm and you’re halfway to understanding the musical territory we’re treading here: your brain’s switched off, the speakers are just a little too loud, and you’re ready to have a good time. I’ve parked Rebellion Of The Snakes below to give you a taste of the album, but Metal Sucks posted a spotify stream of the full album this week that’s well worth a spin. And as always you can pick up the new album or anything from their back catalogue on iTunes if you care to support the band.


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