A Night At The Gothic Opera

I’m pretty certain I was born without the opera gene. I can listen to the vast majority of the genre’s output over the years and while I respect the performances and the richness of the music, it has the same emotional impact on me as so much white noise. So when No Clean Singing debuted a track from Corpo-Mente’s first album last month under the label “experimental opera”,  a part of my brain immediately switched off. Despite my love of experimental music, the last thing I was expecting was to fall in love a little. But Corpo-Mente are different. Dulcin is like atmospheric metal, opera and a few other genres had an orgy around twenty years ago, and the resulting musical son/daughter grew up to be…well, hot. Really really hot. Traditionally, fusions between operatic music and metal have been catchy, but not exactly musically engaging. They range from the hair metal band who don’t want people to realize they’re listening to hair metal, to pop shrouded in the same way. This approaches things from the opera side, harmonized chanting and interplay between the vocals and the music feeling like the main focus. But it’s got a delicious darkness to it, carrying the melancholy and loneliness of atmospheric black metal. The music becomes increasingly experimental and chaotic as the track continues, reaching an apex of stop-and-start distorted guitar mixed with bursts of electronic noise, before finally stopping cold and returning to the gentler mood present at the start of the track, sans vocals, creating an unsettling effect, like listening to a musical death. It’s like nothing I’ve heard before, and judging by the other tracks No Clean Singing shared, Corpo-Mente won’t be the experimental equivalent of one hit wonders either. I feel I should warn you that not all of their work is metal-tinged, but it is very special  and worthy of being judged on its own ample merits. You can experience the spinal chills for yourself below, and find more of Corpo-Mente’s incredible work on their Bandcamp page.


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