Soundtrack To A Sledgehammer Montage

In the interests of honesty, and losing half this post’s readership in the first sentence, this post contains nu-metal. Recently released nu-metal no less. No, you haven’t taken a time machine back to the nineties. It’s just that when the rest of the world decided that nu-metal was done, they forgot to tell India. And so while we all went back to ignoring Fred Durst and destroying pictures of ourselves in baggy jeans, Joint Family were practicing their drop-tuned riffs and snarling moodily over ringing strings. Apparently practice makes perfect, because Life’s A Bitch, used in a teaser trailer for Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, set Indian social media alight, with everyone trying to guess the band behind the sledgehammer nu-metal assault. Not many put their bets on an Indian band, unsurprising given that any trace of an accent is hidden under frontman Akshay De’s rasping growls.

Plus Joint Family feels big. From the production to the riffs, everything feels like a top producer has given the track a fantastic mixing job to ensure that when it punches you in the face, you won’t be getting back up. The guitars have plenty of muscle, the bass is far enough forward in the mix to give a sense of menace (and rattles like a train about to derail) and De’s vocals have a sandpaper grit to them. The music is, of course, constructed of the simple elements that make mainstream nu-metal so primal and accessible, but in a way that’s a good thing. The caveman riffs in contrast to the echoing string sections are irresistible siren songs to the mosh pit, and assuming they can put on a proper live show Joint Family shows will be a hurricane of circle pits and headbanging. They may have arrived late for the height of nu-metal’s popularity, but they should be able to stir up a wave of their own to ride on if  they keep this up. You can find more party metal goodness at Joint Family’s Reverb Nation page here.

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