Weirdness Is Underrated

I’ve listened to a decent amount of music in my life, enough so that I don’t use the word weird much anymore. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Who knows? Regardless, usually when I finish listening to a song, my first thoughts are unlikely to be “I didn’t expect it to be that weird.” Doubly so when a member of Mastodon is involved, where I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t weird. But Brann Dailor just released some material from his side project Arcadea, and well, I just didn’t expect it to be that weird. It does  have a distinctively Mastodon energy to it in the overall drive and vocal style, but the instruments take an unexpected twist. This is what I imagine it would sound like if you got your head stuck in Brann Dailor’s SNES and he started beating you up with bits of his drumkit to get you out. While singing at you for some reason. Okay, I’m bad at similes. Fortunately, Brann Dailor is good at music, and the experience is enjoyable, made even more so by its kooky strangeness. There’s a very metal approach to the song, riffs, basslines and breaks all providing anchors to make the music a bit easier to understand for us mere humanfolk. I dig it. I hope to dig some more of it whenever Arcadea release more material. You can follow whatever the hell this is on facebook here.


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