Let’s Never Come Here Again Because It Would Never Be As Much Fun

Last week Grimes a.k.a. Claire Elise Boucher a.k.a. owner of the world’s sexiest hair (I have a thing for weird hair, I’m sorry) released a slice of her lost album, which she shelved for apparently being “depressing.” The album might be, but the glimpse we were offered, “Realiti”, doesn’t show it. Coming on like a sort of hooky electronic version of My Bloody Valentine, the music flows and surges, still following a traditional ababcb structure but being much more subtle about it dynamically. It’s peaceful but not schmaltzy or boring, the use of  echoes and loops making it feel sort of abstract and subtle. And it’s still catchy. Enough to listen to on repeat more times than I care  to admit. More music should be like this, and I’m wildly jealous of anyone who got to hear the album demos before it got scrapped. If you enjoy it too you can find more Grimes on iTunes here.


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