The Night Is Dark And Full Of Slugs

There’s something to be said for the comical premise band, especially in a genre that can get as self-involved and serious as metal. It serves as a refreshing antidote to all the corpse paint and leather and occasional church burnings (I’m looking at you black metal). It helps keep metal balanced when the genre can laugh at itself. Bonus points if your band pokes fun at the concept of both dogmatic faith and the silliness of satanism by creating its own mock religion. Triple super sexy bonus points if the new religion you create worships a slug. And frankly, if your band actually makes fantastic music on top of that, you just win. Slugdge are one of the stranger bands I’ve encountered recently, creating their own sort  of Cthulhu mythos based around a giant fucking astral slug. Besides the giggle factor involved in the band’s concept, the band packs spine tingling atmospherics and riffs poised to tear your face off into their sound, their accomplishment belying their comical theme. Gastronomicon was one of  the best albums I heard last  year, the sound and atmosphere like a slightly slowed down Tombs (who released the fantastic Savage Gold last year as well) and I look forward to seeing what other tricks Slugdge have hidden…well, wherever slugs hide things. You can find Slugdge on bandcamp here and like them on facebook here. Praise Mollusca!


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