This Is The Year Where Hope Fails You

So, um, nu-metalcore is a thing now. I’ll just  give that a moment to sink in. Two of the genres of metal  that produced the most questionable results  have joined forces to give us…what, exactly. I’m not sure. I just discovered Mnemic and they sound like what would happen if someone locked Linkin Park, Type O Negative and Fear Factory in a room and told them nobody was leaving until they made a song together. So here it is. I don’t know how I feel about this. The riffs are so primal and blunt, and they’re smothered by the kick drums a lot of the time, but there’s a huge cyber-metal vibe to the whole thing, especially with the heavily processed vocals in the  chorus. Which I dig, I think cyber-metal’s a fun thing to experiment with in small doses. Plus the chorus is huge, and someone’s clearly put a lot of love into things on the production side. Screw it. I like this. I think. Maybe I’m secretly a scene kid, but it’s different and catchy, which I can’t fault a band for. Ask me how I feel again in a week. You can find Mnemic on iTunes here.


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