You Want some Of This?

No Recipes is a pretty solid cooking blog I follow. Everything’s laid out nice and clearly, with the result  that even an idiot like me can cook something from scratch without giving everyone in my immediate vicinity food poisoning. The writer has a pretty solid repertoire of traditional dishes, international recipes and new twists on old favorites. Anyhoo, I’ve been messing around with his Oyakodon recipe for the past few days, and it’s simple but delicious. Which is just as well, because the amount of egg in the dish makes the cholesterol sky high. That still won’t stop me from cooking it as an occasional treat from time to time. If you can’t find sake, I’ve been having success with a mixture of shaoxing and mirin, although to be fair, mirin makes anything better. Also, if you can track down the right kind of chinese honey it really gives a sweet kick to the dashi/chicken stock mixture.

Now after all that kitchen talk, I need to reassert my manliness, so have an overcompensatory dose of Hatebreed to go with the Japanese deliciousness. Gym! Sports! Roid rage! Hatebreed’s iTunes! I can feel the testosterone flowing already.


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