Let Me Show You The Dance Music Of My People

I first encountered Noisia a couple of years ago when they did the soundtrack for the Devil May Cry reboot. While my views on the game were mixed (Good action game, bad Devil May Cry game, awful bosses), my views on the soundtrack weren’t. It was one of the game’s redeeming aspects, a trippy, creepy mixture of Combichrist  and Noisia that distracted from the dogshit story and the shallow (though really, really fun) combat. Fortunately, the association with slogging my  way through Virgil boss fights wasn’t enough to keep me from checking out Noisia’s electronic garage whackiness, and they’ve worked their way into regular playlist rotation for me. Calling this dance music is honestly something of a cop-out on my part. It’s electronic and the beats are sick, but I have no idea how you go about dancing to this without doing yourself a serious injury. Or just looking like a dickhead. It feels like music to be enjoyed at some sort of warehouse rave, strobe lights blinding you, glasses occasionally being grenaded off the wall, but thanks  to technology, you can just listen to it in your room, throwing shit around and turning the lights on and off until the bulb blows. This truly is a wonderful age we live in. You can find them on iTunes here.

And another for luck:


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