It’s Only March And Already My Year Is Ruined

No Spill Blood are a bunch of jerks. There I was, minding my own business, when the band has to post their debut album, Heavy Electricity, in its entirety on Metal Injection (Link here). For free. Some people have no consideration. I have work to do you know. I don’t have time to waste on stoner metal with synths. And  yet, here I am, mesmerized, because these jackasses actually have the nerve to make their album good. More than good. Fantastic. It’s fucking March and already the best Irish album of  the year might be here. It’s atmospheric, yet groovy and riffy. Restful, yet imbued with a constant sense of energy. It feels comfortable and yet innovative. I think I’ve entered some kind of wormhole here. This album shouldn’t exist. What do I have to look forward to for the rest of the year? What if this is  the apex? Get it together, No Spill Blood. You’re spoiling things for everybody.

Unfunny jokes aside, I really am loving the new album. The synths and meandering sludge rock jams are perfect instruments for creating an entrancing soundscape, but when it’s time to riff, the distortion-pedal section of the band packs some serious punch. It’s albums like this that  make it worth wading through all the crap out there, like symphonic metal bands that can’t even spell their own band name properly, and bad Annihilator cover bands that actually get signed to labels. Look, there’s a lot of crap out there. This  is  the rare gem. I’ll just be over here with my arms wrapped around it, murmering “my precious.”


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