New Music, Old Feelings: A Song Of Opposites

As a young Irish guy who lived up a mountain, with the spotty internet quality that implies, my early musical influences were whatever  beamed in over the radiowaves. RTE’s 2fm especially, being the only radio station that regularly played music recorded after 1960. My musical explorations were completely at  the mercy of  their DJ choices and I consider it  a minor miracle that they recruited Jenny Huston. With a musical range encapsulating punk, electropop, indie and plenty of other fringe genres, Huston’s combination of superb taste, a deep knowledge of the music scene and one of the world’s greatest radio voices was a welcome window into a musical world beyond whatever happened to be sitting on the Top 30 charts that week. I can honestly say that no living person has shaped my musical tastes more. I rarely listen to the radio anymore, the last musical show I recall listening to actively being Huston’s last broadcast.

Even though she has left the radio scene, at least for the  moment, her guiding hand is still one of the greatest resources for new music that  suits my taste. Now however, it comes  in the form of her facebook and twitter feeds. Today’s musical selection comes from a link Huston posted to a Stereogum article. It’s not up on YouTube yet, so I’m unable to embed it, but you can head over to the article  to check it out. Pale Honey’s Youth is a single of delicious contrasts, almost whispered vocals and synth-pop intros a delicate foil to the sledgehammer directness of the over-driven chorus riffs. I’m glad there’s someone out there with the know how and the ear required to track down music like it. So thank you to Jenny Huston, for acting as a sort of musical cool big sister to me and probably thousands more Irish kids over the years. It’s been much appreciated and radio isn’t quite the same without you.


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