Kill La Kill: An Epic Soundtrack to Spring Cleaning

Today’s entry isn’t a song: it’s a soundtrack. Unfortunately, it’s the soundtrack for Kill La Kill, which means the youtube video will inevitably contain more anime cleavage and ass shots than…well, let’s just say this is the cartoon that involved the heroine powering up through a process I can only describe as being given a severe case of mega-ultra camel toe. It’s a miracle I managed to make it through the whole series, and even more of a miracle that it turned out to be one of my favorite shows ever: a subversive, clever take on what at  first seems the driest of anime plots. Apart from that one incredibly tasteless joke in the opening episodes (if you’ve seen the show you most likely know the  one I’m talking about,  it’s the one that almost made me stop watching), the show is very funny, the characters become increasingly fleshed out and interesting, and it turns out to have a surprising amount of heart. Plus it  turns out  the sexist bullshit is…well, lets just say the show flipped expectations on me a lot, especially with regard to its overall viewpoint on sexual politics. But I digress. One of the series’ greatest weapons is its soundtrack, which like all my favorite anime soundtracks features massive catchy singalong numbers along with engaging orchestral work to push emotional buttons when the need arises. My thanks to whoever threw  this YouTube mix together: parking Nui Harime’s theme next to Before My Body Is Dry was a work  of genius (listen from 38:45 and let the feels wash over you). Happy Sunday. It’s time for me to get back to some much needed housework, and contemplate why my pile of dvds is four times as tall as me.


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