Play With Yourself Week: Doin’ It With Soul

You’ve got to hand it to Dan Auerbach. The guy takes a break from his main job as Black Keys (itunes here) frontman, where he spends his time recording wholesome slabs of blues rock goodness. And what does he do with all that free time on his hands? Record more blues rock. But there’s more to be jealous of than just his work ethic. Auerbach veered away from the bigger stadium anthem approach on solo album Keep It Hid, instead embracing a sound closer to the blues legends who inspired him to pick up a guitar and drop out of college in the first place. There’s a decent chunk of the album given to more traditional blues wailing about women and money and all the other issues blues musicians decided to deal with by keening about it in bars. But my favorite track from the album is I Want Some More, a goofy little lust song that might as  well be called Dat Ass, that waddles its way almost drunkenly through it’s charmingly honest lyrics and simple little solo. The production feels a little like psychedelic rock, all fuzz and echo, but given the simple nature of the song as a whole it just beefs up the ambiance. This is chicken soup blues basically; tasty, easily digestible and nourishing. Just be careful when you’re drinking it. I’m pretty certain Auerbach left a bone in there. There’s more Dan Auerbach to be had on Itunes here.


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