Sick on Sunday

I have the sniffles, so at the risk of turning this into a Katy Goodman fan blog, I’m deploying a little more comfort music to close out the week of female-fronted rock. This one’s from her pre-La Sera band, Vivian Girls (itunes here) and feels like it’s time traveled in from the sixties. It’s the sort of music you’d play in the tape deck of your Chevy, cruising to the beach for high tide with your surfboard in the trunk as you enjoy the sun beating down on you. So basically all the shit I can’t do because I’m sick and if you drive with the top down in the Irish winter you might actually fucking drown. Regardless of my condition, I enjoyed stumbling into a theme week this week, so tomorrow I’m trying it again. The theme week, not the stumbling: that’s a given. I’ve already got a name in mind for it, a product of my subtle and mature sense of humor*. Until then I’ll be indulging my new-found addiction to Strepsils.


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