Female Fronted Rockbands Week: Nightmare Noise Edition

Cover the kids’ ears. Maths rock is coming. Actually you may want to cover your own ears too. Its the very definition of an acquired taste. Still, for those with the constitution needed to enjoy math rock, the Eva Spence fronted aural assault of Rolo Tomassi is required listening. The first time I saw them live was something else, having walked into the gig without the vaguest notion of who Rolo Tomassi even were. A sweet petite English girl walked onstage, introduced her band and then spent the next hour alternating between an angelic singing voice best suited to a church and guttural growls that would be more at home in an exorcism. With hindsight, the flipping of expectations that occurred in the first five minutes of that gig is a lot like Rolo Tomassi’s music. It’s always ahead of you, riffs cycling through time signatures and variations constantly, dynamics shifting with no warning and breakdowns spiraling into highly moshable pits of chaos and noise. While fan favorite I Love Turbulence may be the purest distillation of their sound, I’m going to lead with this video of a session version of Empiresk, which might give you some idea of how that gig made me feel. You can find Rolo Tomassi on itunes here.

Oh, I almost forgot this kind of adorable tidbit from their Wikipedia page. “To practice she and her brother, James Spence, would scream in their parents car with very loud music on; the music was to help overcome their shyness.” Rolo Tomassi will be releasing new material this year. You can follow the release date by waiting for my excited squeals.


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