Female Fronted Rockbands Week: Dream Pop Edition

Halfway through this week’s collection of bands with upcoming material, I realised that every single one was fronted by a woman. And even though I’ve accidentally made this a theme (Well played, subconscious) and they have no music due this year I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share a favorite Indie pop band. With lyrics sweet enough to rot your teeth, La Sera songs are a collection of emotional gaping wounds, unshielded by ego or pretension. Wrapped in a warm fuzzy guitar tone, the bittersweet love songs did a damn good job of worming their way inside my soul, and regular playlist rotation. Out of their entire collection, Please Be My Third Eye is probably my favorite, a plaintive love letter in song form, feeling like the sort of song you’ve known for years at first listen. Plus I have to feed my blog some pop music because tomorrow’s entry is the sort of stuff you use to make your neighbors move (unless you have awesome neighbors). But for now, enjoy the pop. I know I will. As per usual, you can find La Sera on itunes here. I’d recommend just grabbing the full Sees The Light album, catchy indie doesn’t get any better.


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