Warning: Incoming Anime Music

I can never figure out a genre for Egoist. And I once classified a band as dance battle metal, so it’s not like I’m a stranger to making up genres. Anime soundtrack music should be it’s own genre frankly. Part danceable pop, part glorious guitar wank, and catchy as hell, Fallen is exactly what I’ve come to expect from the band that almost  made Guilty Crown watchable (Okay, the visuals were glorious too). This one’s from the Psycho-Pass 2 Soundtrack apparently. All I know is it’s a giant blast of fun that feels like what  would emerge if Dir En Grey decided to stop taking themselves so seriously and I love it to bits. And now I’ve got  to watch  Psycho-Pass 2. How bad, right? The video’s below, and you can find the single on itunes if you’re interested in supporting the band. Enjoy!

Aw hell, that’s not enough catchy Japanese goodness. Have an old favorite.


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