A Very Heavy New Year

It’s that time of the year again. Happy New Year! The time of year when you realize last year’s resolutions were all bullshit and you have nobody to kiss at midnight. Well that’s kind of…y’know what? Fuck you New Year.

In honor of the dubious occasion here are a couple of sweet playlists if you’re spending this New Year’s Eve alone. The second one’s heavy and the first one’s a bit gentler, in case at the start of the year you resolved to grow some balls. Both are designed to play on shuffle. I’m sorry, alright, I’m not a bloody DJ. So feed your cats, steal a bottle of whiskey, turn out the lights and let some random internet dude’s (also dubious) taste in music wash over you.

Playlist 1: No, I don’t know why it’s called Silent Knight either.

Playlist 2: You think you know about bombast? Let me show you about fucking bombast.


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